Be a Linchpin

This is a quick review of a book that is very high on my list of favorite books.
Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?
Seth describes that the world has changed, and you cannot rely upon success by fitting into a “factory job”. The irreplaceable position in this new economy is being a linchpin wherever we are. A linchpin is an Artist that makes art. According to Seth Godin, anyone can be a linchpin. A linchpin does what others are not willing to do.

Seth talks about how our corporate culture and schooling have indoctrinated us that if we do strictly what we are told, we will be taken care of. If this might have been true before, it certainly is no longer true.

He also talks about the tiny voice within us that pushes back when we are tempted to do something extraordinary. He calls this “the resistance”, or the “Lizard Brain”. I like to think of it as the “natural man” that would like us to be safely mediocre.

Seth talks about the nature of art and how it is a gift. He talks also about the benefits of a gift economy.

Being a linchpin always involves risk. A linchpin must produce the art and put it out into the world. A linchpin ships.

There is a very good bibliography which includes books that I now look forward to reading.

Here is a great overview of some of the major linchpin concepts.

Linchpin Manifesto

If you have read “Linchpin”, please let me know what you thought about it in the comments.