Four tips to keep off the extra pounds

I just finished an amazingly interesting book by Brian Wansink, Ph.D. Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think. Wansink has conducted hundreds of experiments to find what affects our eating habits. This book ties in well with the Willpower book I reviewed here. That book recommended that you not try to diet. In this book it shows how we mindlessly eat more that we know.

Instead of needing to diet we can avoid the extra 100 calories or more that we consume when mindlessly eating more than  we need. Here are some of his strategies that he covers in more interesting detail in his book.

  1. Dish out 20% less main course, and 20% more veggies before you think you will want to eat. You will barely notice what you are missing.
  2. Dish out your food on your plate once, instead of making multiple smaller trips, or eating out of a box or carton.
  3. Use tall thin glasses and smaller plates and bowls to limit that amount of food you will eat.
  4. Make overeating a hassle, by leaving serving dishes in the kitchen, not on the dinner table (except when it’s salad).

There are even more suggestions that will make people enjoy more the food you prepare, and will make your home more healthy.

The last section of the book compares different popular diet plans. The book will help you eat better without making you suffer.

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